The public, live version of the conference program is available by clicking the button below. It defaults to showing you event times in your local timezone. You can double check and adjust the timezone via the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

Conference Format

The main hub for all events of the virtual conference is Oxford Abstracts. Once logged into Oxford Abstracts, you will no longer just see the public version of the program, you will also be able to click on each session and see all the additional info that is available - for example, abstracts. This is also where, as the date of the conference draws closer, you will find links to prerecorded lectures and live Zoom sessions and get access information to the poster sessions in

Papers should be recorded (consider using Loom, Zoom, or Panopto) as videos and uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Please be careful not to use the "private" setting for these videos; instead, use "unlisted" or "public". You can then share the link to your video by uploading it to your submission on Oxford Abstracts. The deadline for submission of the links to your presentation video is October 10th. (Participants in special sessions should coordinate with their session organizers for specific details.)

Registered conference attendees will be able to view the pre-recorded lectures ahead of the conference. The scheduled sessions during the conference will offer opportunities for structured discussion, led by the chair of each session, and exchange of questions and answers with the authors of the papers. Registered participants who would be willing to act as session chairs are asked to e-mail us.

Posters should be submitted in PDF format using standard dimensions for conference posters (we recommend 48 inches wide and 32 inches high; do not use a font size smaller than 14 pt). The deadline for submission of the posters as PDF files is October 18th, 2021.

Each poster is scheduled for one of three poster sessions. The posters will be shown in a virtual exhibit hall on, and we ask that authors of the scheduled posters be present in the vicinity of their poster at the scheduled time so that interested conference attendees can ask them question. If you have not used before, we encourage you to search for demonstrations on YouTube, which will give you an idea of its functionality.

During poster sessions, there will also be opportunity to mingle with other attendees in the social areas of the space. The space will also include a bar which, because it is in virtual space, will have to be BYO.


  • After registering with Eventbrite, look out for the email from NWAV 49 through Oxford Abstracts confirming that you are now a "program user", inviting you to login for the first time.

  • Once you are a registered participant: happy NWAVing! It's a good idea to simply remember the short URL - it takes you to the page where everything happens.

  • In dealing with Oxford Abstracts, we highly recommend that you always use the same email address to identify yourself, and ideally also to use that same email address in making your registration on Eventbrite. Practically all login problems in Oxford Abstracts are due to a mixup of e-mail addresses. For example, you may have both the address and, which you might use interchangeably in your daily life - but when registering for Oxford Abstracts, it is necessary that you stick with the same address each time you log on.

  • Before the first poster session, stop by the virtual space and acquaint yourself with the basic mechanics of the platform (dressing up and naming your avatar, walking around the space, interacting with items, talking to other people...). Access information for the space will be available - if you are logged in to Oxford Abstract - in the conference program, in the information for any poster session.